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Project Description

Anthony Palomo, General Manager

Anthony Palomo was born in New Orleans, but resided in Guatemala with his family during his developmental years. At the age of ten, Anthony returned to New Orleans and completed his education attending De La Salle High School and the University of New Orleans. While attending college, Anthony worked weekends at Commander’s Palace. After only a few short weeks he became a manager at age 22, becoming the youngest employee of the restaurant to be promoted to that position. Anthony went on to complete his bachelor’s degree in engineering and began working full-time in the restaurant business. His enthusiasm, ambition and initiative afforded him the opportunity to become part of the opening team at Commander’s Palace Las Vegas, but he knew New Orleans was home and chose to return and explore other opportunities. Anthony first joined forces with Rick Gratia in 1999 at Hyde Park Grille, where he was Assistant General Manager. In 2001, Anthony and Rick Gratia united with Doug Ahlers in the development of Muriel’s Jackson Square. Implementing his philosophy of remaining cool, calm and collected, Anthony leads the staff of Muriel’s and inspires excellence among our crew.