Taken from a review online, made 04/25/2019

“I recently organized a NOLA reunion for a group of AF Academy graduates and their wives (once a collection of of dashing young go-getters, now a collection of mostly cantankerous and demanding old codgers). Our wrap-up farewell dinner was held in Muriel’s Veranda Room, preceded by drinks in the Seance Lounges. For starters, the coordination and support provided by the special events coordinator Ana Ordaz in setting up the evening and planning the menu was flawless. Even though we were a relatively small contingent of 24, she went above and beyond in accommodating special requests, adjusting to changing requirements, and — in general — making sure we would experience the full flavor of a classic New Orleans celebration.
Throughout this special evening, our group was continually astounded, first, by the opulent ambiance of the establishment and furnishings, and then by the rock-star service we were shown (in the wait staff’s attentive serving of pre-dinner drinks and circulating hors d’oeuvre plates, in the military precision of their simultaneous presentation of the plates with each course to all of the diners on one side of the table at the same time for each and every course, and in their unfailing attentiveness to empty wine glasses and individual drink requests throughout the entire evening). Finally, the quality of everyone’s meal during the four-course dinner was judged absolutely outstanding, without exception! In summary, the common consensus was that only thing wrong with a celebration hosted at Muriel’s is the disappointment in walking away believing you are never again likely to experience anything that special!”