Guests of Muriel’s are always welcome to go up and take in the view of Jackson Square from the Balcony as well as imbibe in the Séance Lounge as long as there are no private events scheduled. The entrance to the second floor can be accessed from our Courtyard to the Carriageway, then turn left and you will see our Ghost Table at the bottom of the stairs.  As you ascend the stairs, Gregorian Monks will serenade you. Once you are on the stair landing, you will see a Gold Leaf Hallway to your left. Our wrap around balcony can be accessed from a door at the end of the Gold Leaf Hallway.  If you go to the right on the landing, you will be overlooking our Courtyard. Two elegant, chandelier-draped private dining rooms are to your left. Take a right, and you will encounter our Séance Lounge. The Outer Séance Lounge features a red velvet upholstered wall. But go deeper and you will find our Inner Séance lounge.  Take in the history, immerse in the experience and enjoy the ambiance.